Abstract Search


Abstract only showing the PIN, legal description, current owner's name and all current registrations, including the deed, liens, mortgages, plans and surveys.

Basic Search


Abstract Search plus full copies

of the current deed and all current

liens and mortgages, showing

purchase price, names, addresses, amounts & terms.

Full Search


Basic Search plus the Abstract

will show deleted instruments,

being all deeds, liens & mortgages,

registered on title since the date

of conversion that have since been

deleted and/or discharged.


We can perform a Land Registry or Land Title Search on any

property or condominium in Ontario and send you full copies of

the Abstract, Deed and all Liens and Mortgages. We can search

all of Ontario by owner's name to find hidden property assets.

We guarantee results or we will provide a full refund.

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Why should you do a Title Search?


To confirm the ownership and/or boundries of a property or condominium

To check for illegal or unauthorized mortgages/liens

To monitor other transactions that may occur without your knowledge

To do due diligence before buying or lending money on a property or condominium

To find hidden assets in case of litigation or divorce

To research previous owners

10% discount is available for multiple searches.

For $99.00 we will search all of Ontario for hidden property assets.

We Guarantee to find any property in Ontario or provide you with a full refund.

Our flat rate fees allow you to order exactly what you want for just one payment.

We use experienced title searchers who will answer any questions you may have.

Once completed, the search results will be sent to you by e-mail with attachment.

More extensive searches and other services are available at ontariotitlesearch.ca

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What can you get with a Title Search?


Name of the current property or condo owner

Copies of the deed, mortgages and liens registered on title

History of previous owners, discharged mortgages/liens etc

Any documents registered on title since date of electronic conversion